Wearable Tech Trends to Follow In 2018

If you grab your smartwatch whenever you’re going out, you aren’t alone. However, you’ll surely notice a boom in the wearable tech trends in 2018. Therefore, get ready to try your hands on some of these smart technologies that will make your life easier.

The journey of the devices:

Wearable tech devices were introduced into the market a few years back in 2005 by Apple. However, initially, the technological devices didn’t gain much popularity. People were either not comfortable with the idea or they were just sceptical about trying something new.

However, within a few years, the devices have secured the place in the market with a huge number of potential users. With every passing day, the technological devices are becoming inevitable parts of our life. Therefore, the new trends of 2018 won’t fail to gain popularity as well.

Current use of the devices:

Currently, the wearable tech devices are used primarily as the fitness tracker. The smartwatches that are worn around the wrists keep track of your calorie-count, the distance you covered and the steps you’ve taken every day. Most of these smartwatches can be paired with the smartphones as well.

There are other technological devices that can ensure a good night’s sleep. Some of these devices are placed beneath the mattress when you sleep. The devices measure your sleep pattern and score you. You can improve your lifestyle depending on the score.

Augmented reality

The new trends:

Augmented reality is one of the sectors that are going to witness a huge change in 2018. The smart-glasses will boost the trends of wearable devices along with the smartphone augmented reality. However, you shouldn’t expect to get the most graceful smart-glasses by the end of 2018 as it still needs to improve a lot.

In accordance with the smart-glasses, comes the smart goggles for the dedicated swimmers. Currently, the goggles will offer to track the calorie that you burn while swimming. Besides, the glasses will also help you to breathe better to improve your swimming.

The hearable wearable tech device will ensure that you can listen to the music as well as beware of your surroundings. The acoustic conductors will transmit the music to your ears. However, you’ll also be able to hear the external sounds. The sounds won’t interfere with your musical experience.

You may already know about the nicotine patches. This time the technological advancement brings you patches that can treat multiple conditions. The conditions include Alzheimer’s, hypertension, Parkinson’s, Vitamin B12 deficiency etc. Some of the major brands are working on the project to come up with the multi-use patches.

Women’s dignity is threatened all over the world. To mitigate the issue, some companies are planning to come up with safety wearable devices. The devices can emit signals whenever any harassment or violation takes place. The devices are hoped to work automatically.

One of the most unique wearable tech devices that you may come across in 2018 is the self-powered watches. The watches won’t require batteries. Rather, those can turn the heat of your body into electricity and power up the cells. The thermoelectric allows the watches to work as long as those are connected to your body. Besides, the power that the watches generate will keep it running even after you take it off.

There is an array of new wearable tech devices that will hit the market by the end of 2018 or during the beginning of 2019. Select the ones that serve your purpose. The gadgets will not only ease your life but these will also ensure that you stay healthy. The gadgets can have a better impact on your life.

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