The Trips and Tricks to Style Leggings

Leggings have made into fashion during the 1960s. Initially, it has been worn as an indoor garment. Gradually it has become an inevitable part of the outdoor fashion as well. If you can opt for proper leggings style, it can enhance the style quotient.

Leggings don’t substitute pants. However, you can easily ditch your skinny jeans and slip into a comfortable pair of leggings. Let’s check out some ways that you can style your leggings.

Pair it with a loose top:

For the comfortable yet elegant look, pair your leggings with a loose top. The loose top will complement the fitted leggings. Besides, the particular leggings style is similar to wearing tights. Make sure to wear a top that covers your bottom area. A pair of sneakers will complete the look efficiently.

Leggings Style

Throw a jacket on them:

Have you noticed the Hollywood celebrity? They prefer to wear leggings especially when they are travelling. They oomph up their leggings style by throwing a stylish jacket on top. If you want to bring that celebrity feeling, wear your choice of leggings and a top. Next, team it up with a leather or a denim jacket. Compliment your look with a pair of aviators.

Back to school:

It’s the era of back to school styles. Therefore, follow the current trend and choose your leggings style. Choose a cropped shirt and pair it up with your leggings. You can also wear a cropped jacket for this look. If you want to take it up a notch, try wearing cropped leggings. Bring the total look together with a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap.

Sophistication overloaded:

Are you thinking of wearing your favourite leggings to work? Fret not. Choose a pair of solid and dark coloured leggings. Style it up with a pastel shade blouse. Throw on a blazer over the blouse. You can opt for a blouse that has frill in the front. For the edgy fashionable look, slip into a pair of black wedges.

Casual yet stylish:

Did you know that you can style your leggings for a casual evening out? Choose a basic white collared shirt for the black leggings. Next, put on the vibrant sweater that you dread to wear. Don’t tuck the shirt. Leave the collar along with the cuffs out. Wear a pair of black boots to get the stylish finish.

Layering is the key:

Layering can give your leggings style a whole new dimension. Choose a long top and layer it up with a cropped jacket and throw a scarf. You can also choose a short top and layer it up with an embellished belt. Beanie caps look great when you’re layering your leggings. You can also go for a fedora hat or a trilby hat.


Exercise in style:

Leggings have become one of the most basic exercise outfits. It’s comfortable and you can grab a cup of coffee after the gym without changing the clothes. It’s preferable to choose black leggings for the gym. Pair it up with your sports bra and running shoes. Add a printed t-shirt in your gym bag and walk down to the coffee shop in style.

Prints are in:

Printed leggings are in the style nowadays. Choose your favourite patterned leggings and keep the rest of the look minimalistic. Either go for a solid button-down or choose a peplum top. Show off your printed leggings style will with the heeled ankle boots. Add an oversized bag to bring the look together.

There are many other ways you can style your leggings. It’s much easier to style and the opportunities are endless. Leggings can definitely become one of your staple outfits once you get the hang of it. Keep experimenting and come up with new ideas to style your leggings.

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