Super Trendy Swimsuits to Try Out

Most of us tend to buy swimwear and use it for many years. Sometimes, even after the swimwear trends go out of style, we carry on using it. However, you can try some trendy swimsuits without burning a hole in your pocket. Follow the trend and choose from the array of designs.

Belted swimsuit:

If you want to flaunt your hourglass waist, belted swimsuits are the best option for you. A strapped belt is a part of the bottom part of a few bikinis. Some of the swimsuits offer thick belt as well. No matter what the style of the belt is, the accessory will surely draw attention towards you.

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Sports and fun:

Although sporty swimwear trends wears aren’t new, a fresh style has enhanced the fun factor. The sporty swimsuits are colour blocked. Instead of going for a solid colour, the colours of the top and bottom part of the bikini are contrasting. Some of the sporty swimwears have contrasting straps. The vibrant colours make these perfect for the summer.

Monokini with a new touch:

Though monokinis are ruling the swimsuit industry for many years, there has been a few changes. The bottom part of the monokinis is designed as thongs. Therefore, if you are confident to show off your toned body and get a structured look, opt for these monokinis. If you are plus size, choose a solid coloured monokini to compliment your body shape.

Fruit prints:

The newest addition to this year’s swimwear collection is the fruit printed swimsuits. You can choose the fruit of your choice. The options include cherry, apple, banana, strawberry etc. You can either go for a one-piece swimsuit with a halter neck or you can choose a monokini with your favourite fruit print.

Polka dotted suits:

Polka dotted dresses have been in swimwear trends for many years. However, this year the classic print has made its way into the swimsuit segment. Red polka dots on white swimwear is the most common choice but you can choose from different colours. The swimsuits are also available in assorted designs.

Abstract swimwear:

Printed swimwear has already been a cult favourite. You can see celebrities flaunting printed swimsuits every now and then. However, the new swimwear trends include abstract print. While there are bold abstract prints, you can also choose abstract stripes. Some of these printed swimsuits are a mix and match of different types of abstract prints. A few even have solid coloured bikini bottom with a printed bikini top.

Ribbed swimsuits:

If you prefer wearing swimsuits that offer more dimension than the lycra maillot, the ribbed swimsuit is for you. The ribbed or textured swimsuit is perfect for the beach party. Throw a pair of shorts or a short skirt and slip into a pair of wedges to rock the party.


Do you like your ruffles? Won’t it be great if you can enjoy the ruffles in your swimwear? Well, the new swimwear trends bring frilled sleeves for you. Add that extra touch of glam and femininity with the beautiful frill design on the sleeves of the swimsuit. The details are on the side of the sleeves primarily. However, some of the swimsuits have front frills as well.

Pompom swimsuit

Pompom swimsuit:

The internet is flooded with pompom tops, dresses and pompom earrings. The swimsuits haven’t been far away as well. Get the off-shoulder pompom swimsuit of your choice and pair it with your pompom earrings this year. The pompom detailing gives the swimsuits the elegant touch. Wear your favourite pair of wayfarer shades for the celebrity appearance.

There are different other styles that are part of the swimwear trends this year. You can adorn yourself with any of these. Pick your choice of swimwear that suits your taste and style.

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