5 Fashion Accessories That Can Change Your Appearance

Accessories are accent pieces that compliment your style and personality. You can choose different types of fashion accessories depending on the occasion, your preference or your outfit. From a statement ring to a black leather clutch, accessories can add a spark to your overall appearance. There is a wide range of accessories to choose from. Here are only five essential accessories that you must have in your wardrobe.

White t-shirt:

We all have been there where we feel we don’t have anything to wear! However, if you own a classic white t-shirt in your closet, you’ll never run out of style. People will not even understand that you are sporting the same old t-shirt every time.

Throw a leather jacket on top of your regular denim and white t-shirt. You can also tuck it inside a lacy skirt for the feminine look. Team your white t-shirt with stripped palazzo or wear it underneath a dungaree. The fact is that a white t-shirt gives you multiple options. Therefore, it’s definitely a must-have.

Wedding Jewellery

A statement piece of jewellery:

While some of us are necklace people, some others are comfortable in wearing earrings. Therefore, it depends on you what statement piece of jewellery you want. You can wear a statement necklace with off-shoulder tops. Bright coloured necklaces are great to brighten up any monochromic outfit.

On the other hand, the idea that heavy earrings go well with traditional evening gowns is long gone. You can choose earrings with geometric patterns for denim-on-denim looks. Tassel earrings are great for both day and night looks.
Adorn the fingers with a stylish ring. It is a great option to team up with an evening gown or a little black dress. Stacked rings are trending right now and the rings look very fashionable as well.



Many celebrities use oversized watches as their accessories. However, nowadays you have multiple options to choose from. Either choose a dainty timepiece or go for a boyfriend watch. Choose basic coloured watches with stainless steel or leather strap for everyday use.

Purchase a watch with gold and silver embellishment to wear it with a cocktail dress. If you want to splurge, you can choose watches that are diamond studded. Sports watches are also great accessories besides keeping track of your health.

Experiment with different colours, styles and shapes to find out which watch compliments you the most. Wearing men’s watches has also been a style statement lately. However, you should be careful while choosing oversized watches. Do not wear a watch that looks too large on your wrist.

sunglass shades


Shades or sunglasses have always been in use for enhancing the style quotient. Of course, sunglasses keep your eyes protected from sunlight. However, you can choose sunglasses to suit your taste and style. There are extensive collections of sunglasses available both online and offline.

Oversized sunglasses are indispensable accessories for celebrities. You too can create a chic look with a pair of cat-eye shades. The heart-shaped tinted glasses look great with flared short dresses. If you want to pair it up with suits, go for wayfarer or aviator sunglasses.

Girls Bag


Is there any woman who doesn’t like to own a few bags of different styles? The huge variety of handbags give you the option to use those as styling accessories. Choose a shoulder bag for style and comfort or amp up your appearance with a branded quilted bag.

While totes are great for everyday use, a clutch bag is a stylish and classy piece of accessory. Your chosen bag can accentuate your overall look and compliment your attire at the same time.
Though we all own some sort of accessories, the ideal piece creates a havoc difference. There is no foolproof way of picking appropriate accessory. However, you can go through trial and errors to know what suits you the best.

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